My Life List

1) Take 1000 pictures of flowers and share them online.
2) Ride 25 roller coasters.
3) Drive a red car.-10/11/2016 I thought this would happen by renting one, but lo and behold, I own one now!
4) Learn to play Clair de Lune on the piano.
5) Read the books on the BBC's The Big Read list.-3/11/2018
6) Bowl in a league.
7) Give a conference room talk at Emmaus.
8) Visit 10 zoos.
9) Go to Ohio State with Dad.
10) Go to Hawaii with Mom and Nikki.
11) Go to the lake with Kelley.-2/2012
12) Bike in Ireland with Steve. Have a Guinness in a pub while I'm there.
13) Go to Disneyland with the family.
14) Go to Kings Island with the family.
15) Go to Rock City with the family.
16) Take the kids to a Broadway show. A multiple Tony Award winner with the original cast, no less!
17) Run a half marathon with Nikki.
18) Bake lots of different Christmas cookies with the kids and give them away.
19) See the Grand Canyon with the family.
20) See lighthouses in New England with Steve.
21) See DC with the family.
22) See Niagra Falls with Steve.
23) Take a cooking class with Lizzie.
24) Work an Emmaus Walk with Barbara and Beth.
25) Ride on a riverboat for longer than the length of a dinner cruise or to get to the Magic Kingdom.
26) Take a train to somewhere distant and photograph the sun setting along the way.
27) Take an Alaskan cruise with Steve.
28) Visit the Holy Land.
29) Get a black or red tipped French manicure.
30) Get a henna tattoo.
31) Learn to juggle.
32) Try 15 martini flavors.
33) Photograph the aurora borealis.
34) Attend a seder.
35) See Cam Newton play pro football.
36) Photograph Hemingway’s cats.
37) Have a small dog for a pet.
38) Have a cat for a pet.
39) Paint something red.
40) Make an inspiring video.
41) See the taping of a nationally broadcast TV show.
42) See an opera.
43) See Foo Fighters in concert. 10/2017
44) Ride an elephant.
45) Go white water rafting with Maury.
46) Snorkel.
47) Photograph a volcano.
48) Dye my hair red.
49) Get a really short hair cut.
50) Have a long pony tail.-7/2014
51) See Kidd Kraddick broadcast his morning show. Sadly, I have to strike this without having done it. I refuse to remove it from my list, however. RIP, Kidd.
52) See Ellen DeGeneres.
53) Make a photo book for 5 different people I normally don’t give gifts to.
54) Take someone who has never been to the Botanical Gardens.
55) Take someone who has never been to Jemison Trail.-I'm going to count it even though I wasn't with her-Mary Mieure visited on 6/19/2016 on my recommendation.
56) Pay for the person behind me in line.
57) Leave an anonymous gift for someone.
58) Help 5 people accomplish something on their life list.
59) See Pink in concert.
60) Make a background set for the church rundown. 
61) Sleep outside somewhere where the stars are truly visible.
62) Go on a real photo safari where there are lions and elephants.
63) See a space ship launch.
64) Photograph whales.
65) Cross the equator on foot.
66) Zip line.
67) Own a lake house.
68) Go on a bird watching tour.
69) Publish a book.
70) Sell something with my photos to people who aren't family or friends.
71) Be the communion celebrant.-8/10/2014
72) Start an after school computer study center with Steve.
73) Assist in an baptism.-3/2012
74) Dance with my son on his wedding day.
75) Hold my grandchild.
76) Help someone find Jesus.

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