Fifteen Martinis

Chocolate Martini at Daniel George

Starting in 2011:

1) Gingerbread Cookie Martini at Outback Steakhouse-11/25/2011

2) Chocolate Martini at Daniel George-1/13/2012

3) Butterscotch Martini at Daniel George-1/13/2012

4) Dry and Dirty Martini at Daniel George (this is my favorite martini, always)-2/3/2012

5) Double Black Diamond Martini at Firebirds-3/17/2012

6) Florentini at Florentina's-5/30/2012

7) Yin-Yang Martini at Avo-7/19/2012

8) Candy Apple Martini at Louis Louis-11/21/2012

9) Thin Mint Martini at The Melting Pot-12/14/2012

10) Limoncello Martini at Ollie and Irene's-12/18/2012

11) Martini Rosso at Brio-7/3/2013

12) Flirtini at Brio-7/3/2013

13) Strawberry Coconut Skinny Martini at Seasons 52-7/30/2013

14) The Vesper at Satterfield's-11/7/2013

15) Espresso Martini at Half Moon Lounge (Westin Jersey City)-12/3/2013